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Below, you'll discover a diverse range of highly interactive workshops and training sessions meticulously crafted to elevate well-being, foster a thriving workplace culture, and drive professional growth. Our offerings are designed to provide unique, outstanding knowledge and resources, ultimately enhancing the mental health and wellness of all individuals. our sessions are tailored to offer exceptional knowledge and resources, ultimately benefiting the mental health and well-being of everyone involved.

Thrive In Peace, Not In Pieces

Thrive In Peace, Not In Pieces is a mental health and personal development workshop that highlights our negligent behaviours towards personal wellness. Built through evidence-based research and lived experiences, TINIP  introduces a new innovative framework and highly applicable exercises to successfully achieve personal goals. 

A Self-Care Carol

ASelf-Care Carol is our most sought-after workshop and THE mental health and personal development workshop you've been needing. This workshop addresses the need for self-care, explores different action plans and gives each attendee the opportunity to engage in some refreshing mindfulness and self-care activities. 

A for Wellness

A for Wellness is a workshop catered to introduce mental health or increase the mental health literacy of youth aged 8-16 years old. 
We use an experiential education approach to keep the learners engaged, curious, experimenting, and responsible. 
This framework allows for real-time reflection, conceptualization and practice of newly learned skills.

Avoiding Unsuccessful Victories

Avoiding Unsuccessful Victories is a phenomenal mental health and personal development workshop for target/goal oriented organizations and teams.
This workshop differentiates the difference between dreams and goals, provides advices and tools to maximize personal discipline, and teaches the secret to avoiding unsuccessful victories.

MENtal Health over MENtal Games

MENtal health over MENtal games is a highly engaging presentation that highlights the shocking statistics around men's mental health and provides attendees technics on how to become a better mental health ally to men.

Resident Assistant Training 

Our Resident Assistant Training is a one of a kind workshop specifically designed to empower and support resident assistants!
While other workshops focus on providing resources to resident assistants to support the mental health of their residents; our training is centered around resident assistants themselves. 

Packing Your Emotional First Aid Kit

Packing Your Emotional First Aid Kit is a beautifully crafted mental health and personal development workshop recommended for people of all ages.
This workshop really attends to the participants needs, as we explore and practice best self-care and wellness practices, expand our emotional granularity (vocabulary), and restock our neglected emotional first aid kit.

Living to work?

Living to work? is a a meticulously crafted mental health and personal development workshop recommended for managers, supervisors, team leads, HR, or any organization leaders!
This workshop takes a deep dive into employee retention strategies, and sheds light on the importance of creating a strong employee development plan to improve your staff's overall wellness.

Punch Therapy

Punch Therapy is a boxing workout that will teach your team basic boxing skills, involve some cardio, endurance, and the opportunity to hit the bag. 
The workshop highlights how lessons learned in the boxing gym can support your mental health outside of it. 
Themes introduced include facing fears, overcoming barriers, improving communication, reliability, team building, and building strength when individuals might feel their weakest.

Why should I choose 
Thrive in Peace?

All of our workshops are interactive presentations that  allows your students, staff or employees to explore misconceptions and faulty practices, all the while giving them practical knowledge and a deep understanding on mental health and wellness as a whole.

Achieve greater productivity, increase morale and improve relationships with Thrive In Peace!