Hey, I'm Joy! I am a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, 

​a High Performance Coach,

and currently pursing my 

Masters in Exercise Oncology.

Get To Know Me

Joy is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and a High Performance Coach with a passion to bridge the gap between healthcare and community. She is currently overseeing a provincial health management project to improve the well-being of individuals managing chronic conditions through exercise and physical activity.


  • Keynotes 
  • Wellness workshops
  • Group strength and conditioning training
  • Online programming (Fitness Plans)

  • Founder of MoveWithJoy
  • Co-FOUNDER of Black Wellness Co.
  • Masters in Exercise Oncology (pending)
  • Lululemon Ambassador 
  • BKin -Acadia University                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Personal Life

Favourite hobbies: Exercise, playing sports, spending time with loved ones, going on long podcast walks.

Moments that bring me joy:               
Moments that bring me joy involve witnessing the transformative power of movement in people's lives, from cardiac rehab patients to elite athletes. Sharing quality information to improve overall well-being is a source of fulfillment. Advocating for the importance of movement in healthcare is my passion.


Joy can offer her services and training virtually and in person.


Joy is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Costs can be found on her website and by contacting us directly.



Why you want to choose me?

"I bring a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for well-being. My approach is rooted in the proven benefits of Movement, Nutrition, and Mindful Breaks. I believe in the power of simple, consistent steps for lasting results. With a focus on intuitive eating and listening to your body, I'll guide you towards a healthier, happier work life. Expect practical insights, personal anecdotes, and actionable takeaways that will truly elevate your well-being and productivity."