Tychon Carter-Newman

Tychon Carter Newman is a trailblazing figure, best known for clinching victory in Big Brother Canada Season 9, making history as the series' first black winner.

Committed to creating a positive impact, Tychon's journey is rooted in Community Building, with roles as an Urban Planner, Basketball Coach, and Youth Program Director. 

A fervent advocate for Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Education, and Active Living, he strives to drive meaningful change. Through dynamic motivational speaking, Tychon weaves stories, humor, and engagement to inspire and empower individuals, propelling them towards their full potential.

Other Fun Facts

• Bilingual (French and English)

• 5 Year University Varsity Athlete (Basketball)

• Competed in Amazing Race Canada

• Actor and Model

• Passion for Basketball Officiating

Tychon and Cedric Newman on Amazing Race Canada
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Tychon is based in Toronto, Ontario


Tychon can offer training virtual or
in-person. Tychon has no travel restrictions.

Tychon Carter-Newman Model, Mental health activist and speaker

Why you want to choose me?

"Choose me as your speaker because I bring a unique perspective and a personal story of triumph. As the first black winner of Big Brother Canada Season 9, I've overcome challenges and barriers, proving that perseverance leads to success. 
My advocacy for Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health, Education, and Active Living is deeply ingrained in my mission to drive positive change. Through engaging storytelling and a touch of humor, I connect with audiences on a profound level, leaving a lasting impression. 

Together, we'll navigate a journey towards empowerment, unlocking the potential within each individual. 
Book me as your speaker and let's inspire lasting transformation together."